Turn your phone into a free Wifi Baby Monitor

This app turns your smartphone into a free wifi baby monitoring device.

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Yes, a free Baby Monitor app!

This Baby Monitor app turns your phone into a zero-effort wifi baby monitor.

For Android smartphones and tablets.

Just use this free app and be assured your baby is safe and sound.

Baby Monitor Wifi on Google Play

About Baby Monitor Wifi

Zero Effort

Use your existing devices. Your phone and your partner's phone - that's all it needs.


Just start the app and listen to how your baby is doing. No setup procedure required. Ideal for sleep-deprived new moms and dads.


Connect to a wifi, any wifi will do. This app creates very little data traffic. Less than a Facebook visit.

Minimum Emission

Wifi is around, already. Radio baby monitors bring more radio emission to your home - this Baby Monitor app doesn't!


Zero. Nothing. No cost.


Many happy users. More than 500.000 minutes of safe baby monitoring by today.

Many Devices

Works with Android devices - smartphones and tablets. Supports all major brands and carriers. Works with Android 2.2 and newer.


Just dust off an old smart phone that you have lying around and put it to good use. You won't have to pay to get it connected, just wifi should work.

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This Baby Monitor Wifi app turns your phone into a zero-effort wifi baby alarm. To listen how your baby is doing just install this app on two devices and connect to a wifi network. Place one device with your baby and use the other device to monitor your baby.

Baby Monitor Wifi comes with a noise filter to suppress background noise and provides optical, accustic and vibration notifications. This app is designed to replace your old radio baby monitor and reduce radio emissions in your home.


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Pricing and Availability

Baby Monitor Wifi is available on the Google Play Store for free. Baby Monitor Wifi is built for smartphones and tablets.


Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bluechillie.babyphone
App Page: http://baby-monitor-wifi.notemonger.net
Blog: https://baby-monitor-wifi.blogspot.de/search/label/About%20the%20App